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Water Quality Systems in Northeastern Wisconsin

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Reliable Rooter & Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing services including water quality solutions for your home and business. Eliminate hard water with a water softener and pollutants with a water filtration system. Everyone should have access to clean, good-tasting water. Our efficient filtration systems and water softeners can remove pollutants and extend the life of the appliances that water runs through. Hard, untreated water can cause health issues and wreak havoc on your appliances from your laundry to your dishwasher, water heater and many other expensive household items. Call today, and learn how we can provide any of the below plumbing services to not only get your water running properly, but running clean and efficient.

We Fix It Now

Our highest priority is to ensure that our team delivers top-notch workmanship and customer service. When we arrive at your home or commercial establishment, you can expect to be greeted right on schedule by a friendly team member who wants to take care of you in a timely manner. If you have a problem with your plumbing, you want it fixed right away, and so do we.

Water Heaters 

Water heaters are great when they provide us with good, hot water. When they break – it causes cold showers and big problems. Water heaters tend to have a life span of 8 – 12 years. As they get older, you may notice your hot water in your shower, not lasting as long. A quick inspection of your hot water heater, will often reveal anywhere from a small trickle to a large pool of water on your basement floor. We offer water heater repair and replacement as well as emergency service. Call us today to inspect your hot water heater and get your hot water back ASAP.

Water Softeners

Depending on where you live, a water softener will be anywhere from a luxury to a necessity. Hard water can be uncomfortable to shower in and can wreak havoc on your fixtures and appliances, causing them to need replacement sooner than they would need to be replaced otherwise. We offer repair, installation and replacement of water softeners. Call us today for a water assessment and an estimate on a water softener solution.
Water Heater

Water Filtration Systems

Your family, loved ones or employees deserve a safe, pure water source. Tainted water not only impacts your health, but can also wreak havoc on pipes and appliances. Reliable Rooter & Plumbing can assist you with water filtration system installation and repair to remove impurities from your water, leaving your pipes squeaky clean and your water safe to drink. If you’re ready for cleaner water, get in touch with us today.​

Whole-House Filtration

Does your tap water taste or smell bad? A whole-house filtration system may be the answer to this problem. Allowing us to install one of these systems will eliminate the smell and improve the taste of your water in every room of your house by removing sediment, chlorine and other contaminants. This, in turn, will also elongate the life of your plumbing and other appliances, resulting in savings in the long run.
Water Filtration

Water Analysis

When running your tap water, it may appear clean and pure, but it’s not always as simple as appearance. Reliable Rooter & Plumbing performs water analysis to test for the presence of chlorine and other minerals which, in large quantities, can corrupt the taste of your water and create health issues. Showering in this water can also dehydrate your skin or hair. Ready to find out the level of “hardness,” or high mineral content, in your water? Give us a call to perform an analysis.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention is critical to the safety of your water lines. The reverse flow of water can contaminate your water sources with chemicals, waste, pesticides and more. Reliable Rooter & Plumbing actively works to prevent this from happening by conducting tests, carrying out repairs and performing necessary installations to keep your water safe. Call us for assistance regarding backflow prevention services.
Backflow Prevention

We’re Ready for Your Call

Whatever problem you’re faced with regarding your water lines, we make it our top priority to get you a clean, safe and efficient water system as well as fully functional appliances. Talk to one of our friendly plumbers to schedule a visit or to get more information regarding our plumbing services.