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Plumbing & Repairs In Northeastern Wisconsin

If it’s broken, we’ll fix it now! Plumbing repairs are generally less expensive than new installations and are usually the best option if your system is relatively new. We provide many plumbing repair as well as installation services to avoid major significant and expensive repairs. Routine water jetting and drain cleaning is much less of a hassle than experiencing backflow and damage-causing leaks. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to preventable problems—schedule your routine maintenance inspections or an installation service to enjoy the benefits of clean water, unobstructed pipes and peace of mind.

Plumbing Services

Take a look at the specific services we offer. Everything we do is performed by a knowledgeable, insured and licensed plumber who will keep your home or business clean and respect your property.

Preventive Maintenance Inspections

The best way to avoid plumbing mishaps is to catch them before they happen. That’s why we recommend taking advantage of our preventive maintenance inspections. When you take care of your pipes, they last longer. Inspections are an investment; having them done now saves you from costly future repairs. Ask one of our plumbers how your system can benefit from routine maintenance.
Preventive Maintenance Inspections

Pipe Repairs

Broken pipes can cause serious damage to your property if left unfixed. You may have a leaking pipe if you notice blockages, odor, mold, slow draining or pooling. Allow us to quickly repair your pipes and put a stop to these inconveniences before a small issue causes a big headache. Sometimes it can be hard to know if you have a broken pipe until the damage is already done, so schedule us to perform routine inspections and maintenance to avoid problems.
Pipe Repair

Garbage Disposals

A faulty garbage disposal can fill your home with a bad small, and attempting to fix it yourself could result in injury or irreversible damage to your system. If you aren’t sure about the problem with your disposal, don’t attempt to take it apart. If you’re looking to have it repaired or replaced, the experts at Reliable Rooter & Plumbing are knowledgeable and skilled at garbage disposal repair, maintenance and installation. We can fix the problem quickly and safely.
Garbage Disposals

Faucet and Sink Repair & Installations

Do you have your eye on the perfect sink for your kitchen? Does your sink or faucet need to be repaired? Allow us to replace your sink or faucet professionally, so you avoid the potential for leaks and rust contaminants. Although many people choose to replace their own fixtures, it’s wise to allow a professional to handle it. When improperly installed, leaky sinks may cause damage such as mildew, mold or rot, which will be costly to fix. Skip the hassle and talk to us today.
Faucet and Sink Repair & Installations

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps aren’t very complex, but they shouldn’t be neglected, either. They are responsible for protecting the foundation of your home from water damage. Reliable Rooter & Plumbing will safeguard your home by providing sump pump replacement and installation.

When to Replace Your Sump Pump

Replacing your sump pump isn’t usually the first thing on your mind, but it’s important to know when to replace it. The best time, of course, is always before it fails and causes property damage. You’ll notice mold, mildew and loud noises if it needs to be replaced. If it is more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing it before these signs arise.

Sump Pump Basins and Emergency Installations

Reliable Rooter & Plumbing will provide a sump pump basin for you when your entire mechanism doesn’t need replacement. We can help fit and install the basin and ensure its functionality before leaving your site. In the event of an emergency, we offer electricity-free backup sump pump installations to keep your home dry even without power.

Water Heaters 

A broken water heater forces you to endure cold showers and leaves you without hot water for cleaning. Don’t suffer through it—call the repairmen at Reliable Rooter & Plumbing. We will get your water heater back up to snuff, so you can enjoy the comfort of hot water once more.

Water Softeners

A broken water softener can be miserable. Imagine being thirsty on a hot summer day and looking forward to a nice cold glass of water, only to take a sip of salty water. Hard water also leaves spots on your dishes and leaves scum on your shower walls. If you suspect a broken water softener, we offer the repair services you need.
Water Heater

Water Filtration Systems

It’s particularly important to maintain your water filtration system. Over time, your system may begin to fail, allowing pollutants into your water. This can pose several hazards to your health without you even knowing it. If your water filtration system fails or hasn’t been checked recently, schedule a visit for your peace of mind.
Whatever plumbing repair you need, our professionals are standing by waiting to help you 24/7, every day of the year. Call our friendly team today.
Water Filtration